A Bible Study

Mainly for members of the Arvada Rising church. Led by Rachel Hoff. Let's take a journey through the Bible together...

You May Want

A notebook or other paper for sketching pictures or writing down ideas.

You Will Need

A Bible. The one on your cellphone will be fine (that's what I usually use.) A printed book works, too. If an audible version is best for you, that's great too. Just make sure it's a version that you understand.

You May Enjoy

Art materials for creative responses--either supplies for making physical art, or the things you need to make digital art--whatever works best for you.

This Bible Study is Free


Journey in James

Take a trip with me through what might have been the first book in the New Testament.

Maybe you've done lots of Bible studies in the past. Maybe you're starting on your very first one. Whether you're brand new at this or an old hand, there's something in this amazing little book that can enrich your life. And I'm hoping that as we go through this book together, we'll be able to help each other open up to that enrichment.